Research Facility:

Our central location, access to patients, and rapport with local community physicians gives us an advantage to offer accelerated enrollment in Phase 2, 3, and 4 clinical trials. Our Team is impeccable in its experience and we move at high speed, without compromising accuracy of data.

As a progressive diagnostic imaging center with all radiological modalities available in house, we can perform imaging in various clinical trials. We are also open on Saturdays, which allow greater time to work.

We are affiliated with two other partner locations in Los Angeles, which can help obtain more subjects from these areas.

Clinical Trials: Accuracy, Efficiency, Speed

Our recently concluded Phase 2 clinical trial for the F-18 based BMS compound in cardiology from Lantheus Medical Imaging was a huge success.
We are now enrolling patients for a Clinical Trial comparing the capabilities of NaF Bone scans with traditional bone scans in a study co-sponsored by the American College of Radiology (ACR) and the Academy of Molecular Imaging (AMI), and endorsed by the Clinical Trials Network (CTN) of Society of Nuclear Medicine (SNM).

Other projects include cardiac stress testing agents, and a new compounds for imaging Alzheimer’s.

In addition, we have projects comparing I-131 with FDG for the diagnosis of Thyroid cancer, and another project comparing the diagnostic predictions of Tc SPECT and Rubidium PET with angiographic outcomes in patients with low, moderate, or high risk for CAD.


We offer PET-CT Scanning, CT-Scanning, MRI, General Nuclear Medicine (SPECT), Cardiac Stress testing (Tc, TI, Rb) Thyroid Therapies, Doppler, Echocardiography, Ultrasound, and Bone Density (DEXA).

Clinical trials requiring any one or more modalities can be easily accommodated at our facility.

Access to Patients:

We have strong and established relationships with local referring physicians who treat a variety of diseases and patient types. These physicians can help identify appropriate subjects to be enrolled in different types of studies and clinical trials.


Located in Silicon Valley, we have access to all infrastructure (including proximity to Cyclotrons and nuclear pharmacies) required for a robust and efficient operation. Airports are very close-by if perishable items need to be flown in for same day consumption or usage.

Faculty and Investigators:

We are staffed with highly qualified, board certified physicians who have prior research experience and training from renowned universities such as Harvard, Stanford, UCSD, SUNY, and UCSF. All personnel are trained in Good Clinical Practices (GCP) from NIH, and serve as principal investigators and sub investors for different clinical trials.