The “Annual” picture above may not reflect the exact current year staff. Several members are missing.

Medical Assistants

  • Adriana Carrillo Gonzales, MA
  • Emily Zavala, MA
  • Melanie Tani, MA
  • Jennifer Pimental, MA
  • Vy Ear, MA
  • Ingrid Alcantara, MA
  • Calixta Solano, MA
  • Wazma Azizi, MA, ACLS
  • Akansha Shukla, MA
  • Victoria Pimentel

Insurance Authorization

  • Alma Contreras, MA
  • Rosalinda Delgadillo, MA


  • Janet Nicholas, BSRT, CNMT – Administrator

Nuclear Medicine and CT Scanning:

  • Mauro Nepomuceno, CNMT, ARRT(MR)(N)(CT)(BD) – Chief Technologist
  • Derrick Gillan, CNMT, PET, ARRT(N)(CT)
  • Raouf Rusmaully, BS, CNMT, NMTCB(CT)


  • Mauro Nepomuceno, CNMT, ARRT(MR)(N)(CT)(BD) – Chief Technologist
  • Denise Lee, ARMRIT
  • Brittany Hartje, ARMRIT

Ultrasound, Doppler, Echo, X-Ray:

  • Benjamin Argente, RVT, RDMS
  • Dhara Vora, RVT, RDMS
  • Loree Wheatcraft, MS, RDMS, RDCS,
  • Alex Toettcher

Mobile Services

  • Raouff Rusmaully, CNMT, ARRT (N)(CT)

Clinical Research

  • For List of PIs, and SIs, please see “Doctors” page

Clinical Counseling (Memory Clinic)

  • Sonia Batra, LMFT

Marketing and Outreach

  • Mercedes Roses, MS
  • Wazma Azizi, MA
  • Vy Ear, MA


  • Monica Steffen – Billing Manager
  • Lisa Garner – Billing
  • Maria Leah DeLaRama – Collections
  • Matt Steffen – Consultant


  • Nandita Rodrigues, MS, CA, MBA
  • Virginia Hamilton – Consultant

I.T., Networking, and 3-D Printing

  • Jaskaran Singh, BS
  • Michael Kaplunov
  • John Reyes
  • Christopher Rodrigues, MS


  • Sonia Batra
  • Sanjeev Sam Malik

Vehicles and Maintenance

  • Miguel Canizares
  • Jeffrey Mickelson

For List of Physicians, please see “Doctors” page.