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Nuclear Medicine Technologist

Posted date: [2nd April 2018]

The Nuclear Medicine Technologist is responsible for preparing and administering nuclear or radioactive procedures to patients and providing technical support to physicians. Duties include:

−Operating and performing quality control procedures on nuclear medicine Instrumentation;

−Educating and obtaining consent from patients for medical procedures involving nuclear medicine, PET (Positron Imaging Tomography) and CT (Computed Tomography) imaging;

−Obtaining relevant medical history and vitals, placing 12 leads as required;

−Preparing, administering and measuring nuclear or radioactive isotopes in therapeutic, diagnostic, and tracer studies using a variety of radioisotope equipment;

−Following all safety procedures, logging all incoming doses, and conducting radiation survey on a daily basis according to state regulations;

−Obtain imaging data and reports related to all myocardial stress tests, oncological and neurocognitive disorders, and other general nuclear medicine evaluations;

−Assisting physicians in treadmill and pharmaceutical stress tests.

This position requires a bachelor’s degree, or foreign equivalent, in Sci, Quant, Math, NucMed, or related and five (5) years experience in job offered, or related field.

***Will accept three or four-year degrees***

Must have experience in:

−Any nuclear medicine instrumentation;

−12 Lead EKG placement;


−Radiation Monitoring;

−Medical software for data processing.

Must have:

−Nuclear Medicine Technology Certification;

−License from California Department of Public Health.

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